Management Philosophy


Offering the most comprehensive, third-party, property management platform in California and Colorado, our Property Management Services enable clients to fully appreciate AMCAP’s role in acting as a surrogate owner

  • Our Property Management Team consists of supervisors, property managers, maintenance, property accounting and reporting staff, and leasing professionals, providing a full range of apartment management services scaled to each client’s specific needs
  • Property Business Plan (i.e., AMCAP Property Business Plan) create accountability in the review of rent collection, lease audit, and expense reconciliations
  • Specific services are available on a stand-alone basis, including: (i) leasing, (ii) property maintenance, (iii) accounting and financial reporting, among other services


Your Apartment Real Estate Investment is a substantial asset that will increase in value with proper property management. AMCAP manages all properties the same whether corporate owned or fee managed. We treat your buildings like we do our own. Proper supervision of well-trained employees is a positive factor with AMCAP. AMCAP employees are well trained and supervised and given the proper tools to get you the maximum profit from your investment. Cleanliness of properties and honest dealings with our clients along with increased profits has given AMCAP the good reputation it now has in the industry.

AMCAP is constantly upgrading its systems in an effort to keep current with industry standards. AMCAP offers the following services to its clients:

  1. Superior Marketing and Leasing Techniques through well trained employees and carefully reviewed credit reports by supervisors prior to renting a unit.

  1. Separate Trust Accounts for each client make it impossible for a client’s money to be co-mingled. This also offers the client an easy trace of all monies received and spent through the client’s own property account.

  1. Collection of Rents are Top Priority for AMCAP. AMCAP has developed a great working relationship with one or more legal firms to ensure collections are watched very closely and evictions are processed quickly and effectively.

  1. Personal Inspection of Client’s Buildings are performed no less than one time per week by a well trained, qualified supervisor on buildings of 16 units or more.

  1. Vendors are Pre-Qualified and Pre-Approved with proper licensing and insurance requirements in place before being used by AMCAP. Due to the volume of business AMCAP does, cost savings are passed through to our clients.

  1. Computerized Monthly Reports including year-end financial statements to be used by your CPA for tax reporting are sent to our clients.

  1. Rents are kept to Market Level through diligent rent surveys of similar properties to ensure our clients’ rents are comparable to others and with maximum profit available achieved.



AMCAP offers our clients the proven ability of commercial management and leasing. Our CPM® on staff as well as our owners are knowledgeable on all aspects of leasing and properly maintaining commercial properties. Supervisors are efficient and effective in their services to our commercial tenants.

AMCAP carefully makes an effort to retain all tenants and to give them a feeling of satisfaction with their facility.

AMCAP is excellent matching prospective commercial tenants with available space. Creative marketing and attention to detail sets AMCAP well above other leasing firms.

Commercial Leases and Listings are generally consummated using forms prepared by the California Association of Realtors or the American Industrial Real Estate Association. Protecting our clients legally is of utmost importance to us.